A travel guide to Trivandrum.

A travel guide to Trivandrum.

Kerala is referred to as god’s own country and boasts of some of the extraordinary  wonders  in the country. There is a fair saying that a trip to India is not complete without a visit to the shores of Trivandrum. Quality hotels near Trivandrum airport provide a new dimension to this place. It is a nice place to be in due to the abundance of natural resources. The capital of Kerala has numerous things to enjoy

A point of consideration is that it is one of the destinations that attract tourists worldwide. When you are in the city you are likely to come across architectural wonders, which has its origin to the British era. The place is also famous for its museums and art galleries that provides vital insights about the life of the people in this state. The tradition and culture of the place is rich and let us explore some interesting things to do when you are in Trivandrum.

Trivandrum Zoo

It is situated in the centre of the city and if you are look for wildlife adventure then a visit to the zoo is a must. Except for Mondays the zoo  is open from 9 in the morning to 5.15 in the evenings. Spread over 55 acres with a combo of lawns, lakes and woodland it is one of the oldest zoos of India.

In the year 1857 the place was opened up like a recreational spot and of late the zoo has lost a lot of space. A reason for it is that the focus is conversation of wild animals. Close to 82 type of species are part of this zoo and a star attraction of this place is the reptile house. Here you can witness various types of poisonous and non- poisonous snakes along with anacondas.

The Napier museum

This is a natural and art culture museum which positions itself in the heart of the city. Build in the early part of the 19th century it was the brainchild of Madras Governor general John Napier. A visit to this museum enables you to explore the culture and rich traditions of Kerala.

The ideal time to visit

  • Summers- it is an ideal time to visit the city as it has its own features. It can be special dishes from the cuisine and the experience of certain unique visits. Some type of exhibitions occurs at this time of the year. But it can be scorching hot, so if you are visiting during summer months carry basic essentials with you. The months are better March to May
  • Monsoons- covering the months from June to August. It is a beautiful time to visit this place as it is unique to Kerala. It is all about greenery and the place is full of that and a visit to the place would soothe your eyes. This is the time when the biggest festival of Kerala Onam is held as you can enjoy the festivities at this time.
  • Winter- the months of December to February are known as the winter months. The temperatures are not going to drop that much except the hill stations. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are round the corner as Kovalam beach transforms itself into a busy destination.

Reaching Trivandrum

The city is well connected by roads to all the cities inside and outside of Kerala. State run buses are there that you can make use off or for a road trip you can hire a cab.

Trivandrum falls into the category of the largest railway stations in Kerala. Just like quality hotels near Trivandrum airport adjacent to the railway stations five star hotels are situated. Being located in the heart of the city there are trains to all the major cities of India.

The international airport is a mere 6 kms away from the city and flight connectivity to major regions of the globe exists. In fact the airport is known to witness a heavy influx of tourists during the day.

Things to do in Trivandrum

  • Spiritual sights- if a place has so many religious sites, it calls for sense to have a spiritual trip irrespective of the faith.
  • Water sports- there are numerous back waters along with beaches Kerala possess no surprises to the fact that it is a place for people who love water sports. Surfing is a sport that is done under expert guidance. Boating along with paragliding are some activities that you may resort to.
  • Rejuvenation- the place has a number of other spots where you can visit. it offers an Ayurveda treatment pertaining to specific ailments, for relaxing yourself you can opt for a treatment at the various spas. In short it is better to take a break from the hectic lifestyle.
  • Trekking- Positioning among hills, the city has a lot to offer for all the trekking lovers. Situated itself in the lap of Mother nature, there are terrific hill stations in the form of Bonacaud, Ponmudi etc. But you need to take into account the climatic conditions and expert guidance of the locals is necessary before you venture in.  There are a variety of activities on offer that would force your heart pumps to rush.
  • Shopping- though it does not fall in the must do activities in Trivandrum like a place like Mumbai or Bangalore you may collect tokens. Many streets are there where there are second hand books lined up . When it is the case of traditional handcrafts you can visit the government run stores. There are places in Kovalam that selling a range of clothes catering to the needs of the tourists.

To conclude Trivandrum is a vibrant city that has something to offer for everyone whatever be your interests. With canopies overhead the roads are wide and clean. Some of the prominent buildings like University College and the State Central library are located in the heart of the city.

So why this wait? Plan a visit to the southern city of India at the earliest.

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